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12/20/10 06:45 PM #1    

Tom McQuinn

Welcome to the Mills High School Class Of 1971 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

09/12/11 11:00 AM #2    

Kimberly Vergez

 Thanks so much, Tom for building and keeping the site organized.  Fantastic job!  I hope it will be up for a while.  I'm sorry that I'm so bad at checking in that I missed the hang-out-at-Mills time; that would have been fun.  I'm sure it looks much smaller to me now!  Anyway, nice to see you and thanks to you, Anne, Suzanne, and Lynne for making it all happen.


09/12/11 11:05 AM #3    

Kimberly Vergez

 oh, one more thing - I really hope you'll be posting more reunion pics here!  Thanks!


09/13/11 05:00 PM #4    

George Guiver

 Thank you Tom for this great site and thank you to all who posted pics of the reunion for those of us who couldn't be there. 

Fillmore West....Lee Michaels opening the show with his Hammond Organ and a 130 decibel opening note! Not sure if you were there Graham, but we were right in front by the speaker. I do have some high frequency loss in my left ear.

Winterland...going to see Jimi Hendrix and Buddy Miles Express with Ron Covall and Kim Thomas. Two sets back then. What a treat. On the floor with my knees to my chin it was so crowded. 

Class Reunion - Riordan and Kazanjian. Damn, missed that one and one I would have loved to see!! Thanks for the video.

To my classmates of 71, may we all "live long and prosper." 

George Guiver

09/15/11 11:31 PM #5    

Patricia Ryan

Thanks so much Tom, Suzanne, Lynn, etc. for a great reunion!  It was really fun to see everyone again, and I also hope someone posts more pictures.  Seems like a lot of people were taking them :)


And thanks to whoever put the video of Boz on the website.  I've probably seen him 30-40 times since high school.  I can't believe how young he looks!


Pat R.

09/17/11 11:07 PM #6    


Mike McNamara

Short comical tale here. My wife, a friend of ours and myself were watching our grandson practice football.

A young girl came by to see if we would  play catch with her while we were sitting down.

After a few minutes of  playing catch, the girl became  curious about our ages.

She guessed my wife's age accuratly. The girl was on the low side by several years on our friends age.  Then my turn.  She asked how old I am as she is looking at my white beard. I asked her what she thought my age was.   She  smiled  as she said about 100 years old.

Mike McNamara

06/25/15 12:02 PM #7    

Gerry Castleberry

I certainly hope to attend.  With retirement around the corner...After years of working in sports medicine, university teaching, and a stint in special education, I am now winding down with freshman, teaching health.  Once you get over the " I know everything" factor, these kids are ok and certainly reflections of what we all were like as freshman.  Of course we were much smarter then!

Currently my family and I travel alot...short jaunts to cabins in the sierras and overseas.  With a son 13 years old, I have to act young although my bones and joints say otherwise. Life is good.  Another reunion will be a special get-to-gether as it is not too long since the last one.  Hope to see as many of you again as possible.  

06/25/15 12:55 PM #8    

Suzanne Barron

Thanks, Gerry! And we hope to see you there. I remember when you were my lab partner in Chemistry with Mr. Brownlee. Have a great summer with your family and see you next fall!

09/23/16 11:00 AM #9    

Lorie Elchinoff (Luber)

Hello Class of 71!! It was with great sadness that I had to cancel my flight/motel reservation this morning. I am unable to attend the reunion tomorrow evening.My oldest daughter is due with her second daughter on 9/30. I knew my attendance would be "iffy". I currently am in Aspen, CO.,where she and her family reside. She is having some difficulties and I feel I cannotleave her as well as make the 4 hour drive to Denver to catch my flight early tomorrow AM. Enjoy your evening and time together. I will look forward to the next MHS reunion and again, will make all attempts to attend. Go Vikings!!

09/23/16 02:40 PM #10    

Rick Bocci


Sorry you cannot make it and you will be missed. Completely understand as our daughter just you have to be there.

All the best,

Rick Bocci

09/24/16 12:27 PM #11    

Ellyn Kopel (Daugherty)

I wanted to thank Rick for hosting such a lovely evening last night. It was so nice to catch up with folks. And thank you to the reunion committee (Tom, Anne, Suzanne, and Lynne) for keeping us all together. It is very special to have these life-long connections. Much xo Ellyn



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