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09/24/16 01:39 PM #12    

George Guiver

Sorry to miss the reunion tonight. Say hello and hope to see video and photos. 

09/24/16 02:04 PM #13    

Lenny Boyd

Sorry I will miss the reunion tonight. Complications from a recent knee replacement have caused me to stay off my feet for a while. I'll be ready to dance and party at our 50th. Hope you all have a great time and have a shot for me...

09/24/16 06:26 PM #14    

Betsy Benson (Holquist)

Sitting here with Anne Bachman Thacher and my husband Steve... Had a great time at Rick's last night and looking forward to see every one tonight. Thanks Rick for your hospitality. So sorry for those who can't attend... Hope you can make it to the 50th. Go Vikings!!

09/24/16 07:36 PM #15    

David E. Kazanjian

See y'all there. Sneaking away from a shoot for a few hours. Can't wait.

09/25/16 01:58 AM #16    

Lynna Hilts

Thank you so much for your tremendous efforts- the reunion was and is a great success!! I love that my classmates can remind me of a story that's long gone from my memory!!!


09/25/16 11:12 AM #17    

Renee Sallein (Roehm)

Sorry I had to miss the 45th reunion.  I hope everyone had a great time and looking forward to seeing pictures.  Hopefully we'll be at the 50 year reunion.


09/25/16 12:35 PM #18    

Eve Epstein (Jaffe)

So sorry that I missed the reunion last night!  Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time....see you in 5 years!!! Eve

09/25/16 12:35 PM #19    

Kimberly Vergez

Thank you all so much for a lovely event.  I've noticed that these reunions are as much about making new friends as they are about revisiting old ones.  Thanks to Suzanne and Anne for making it possible for me to come.  It was a pleasure to see that despite all of life's challenges, we haven't lost the heart and soul of '71.  I apologize for "ghosting" at the end there - my naturally introverted self had reached it's limit and I'm not good at goodbyes, but for anyone who wants to contact me directly, my email is See you at the 50th!  Hugs, Kim

09/25/16 12:56 PM #20    

Vallory Tammaro (Rosenbledt)

Wow what a night the years disappeared It was wonderful seeing everyone and special thanks to Tom

Suzanne Lynn and Anne if it wasn't for your efforts it wouldn't happen. To everyone who make the effort to

attend Thank you


09/25/16 05:43 PM #21    


Mike McNamara

Wonderful evening !!!

09/25/16 07:49 PM #22    


David Wisnia

Though the years changed our outward looks

At least we don't have to schlep our High School books

Reunion with all of you made me see

The spirit of '71 is still in me

For our friends who sadly didn't survive

We honor them by keeping Mills Spirit Alive

These times we share are truly nifty




09/25/16 08:01 PM #23    

Patricia Ryan






Thanks so much to the reunion committee for making this happen again! And Rick Bocci, oh my goodness, your  hospitality and beautiful house were amazing, thank you so much. Ever since we dated for an oh so short time in junior year, you have been one of my favorites, and favorite memories from high school 😘.

The reception at Rick's house (make that mansion!) was so great because it gave us time in a relaxed, beautiful setting to really spend time not only getting reacquainted with our friends, but getting to know many who we didn't know so well in high school. Dave Wisnia, thanks for bringing all of the women roses 🌹, Kyle Chrichton, Don Hegarty, Anne Hextrum, Tom Vasey, Erol Kilke, and many others, great getting to know you better!

To my regular gang of girls -- Lisa Del Grande, Marybeth Maxwell, Joan Muntain, Cathy Guglielmoni, Bonnie Stewart, Lynna Hilts, Denise Battezzato -- I feel so lucky to have made such good friends with you for life because of our time in high school. To my special men friends who I so look forward to seeing every year -- Rick Bocci and Dante Razzini -- it was, as always, a blast hanging out and visiting with you again!

As I said during my mic time last night, let's all make an extra effort to reach out to other friends and schoolmates who either have never come  to a reunion, or rarely, for our 50th. We are a truly great group of people who shared a special time together, so no matter whether you have fond memories of high school or not, for whatever reason, don't miss learning about the unique and kind people your classmates have become💖💖!


09/26/16 10:26 PM #24    

Caren Ramsell (Castelli)

Just wanted to Thank Everyone for allowing me to take pictures at the Reunion.  They will be posted in a day or two by none other but the Great Tom!!  Hopefully those who couldn't make the Reunion will see all of us that were able to attend and we can get their interest in coming to the 50th Reunion!!  It sounds like all that attended had a great time between Friday night and exploring Rick's home and the grand tour was so awsome of Rick!!!

It was really nice visiting with everyone on Friday and Saturday!

Thanks agin to Rick and to the Reunion Committee!!



09/27/16 10:29 AM #25    

Lisa Del Grande

It was great seeing everyone again!  It's always comforting to come back to Burlingame and reconnect with friends.  Thank you, committee, for beautiful event!

09/28/16 11:24 AM #26    

Richard Boyd

I would like to echo the comments so far - thanks to the committee - Suzanne, Anne, Lynne and Tom for doing all the work that allows us to get together and enjoy each other's company - special thanks to Grandpa Bocci for his generous hospitality, and thanks to all who attended for the renewed friendships and shared time together.  High school was a long time ago, but those memories last forever and its good to see that the friendships can as well.


09/28/16 07:58 PM #27    

Gregg Harris

Aloha to all. What a great event. Well done. Made it back to the Island. What a pleasure seeing everyone and catching up. Sure does not seem like 45 years. Lets make the 50th a real bash. See everyone soon. Aloha, Mahalo, and A Hui Ho.




09/29/16 11:11 AM #28    

Suzanne Barron

Thank you to all who attended! What a memorable weekend--wonderful seeing everyone. And Gregg--so very generous of you to offer to fly out the entire class to Hawaii and host us for our 50th! Just kidding.


10/04/16 10:03 AM #29    

George Skells

To the Viking Class of '71:

"Hi" to all my friends!  Looks like you all had a lot of fun.  Sorry to have missed it this year but I am pencilling in 2021 - 50 years!  My best to all.


Gerorge Skells

10/04/16 01:25 PM #30    

Gerry Arbini (Vance)

I'm a little delayed in my response for thanking the reunion committee and Rick for a fun and memorable weekend.

My husband and I have been on a "road trip" to the National Parks in Southern Utah. I was joking, calling the trip our "vision quest". After seeing the awe inspiring beauty, I realized  that wind, water and time will determine the future landscape and we can't stop it from changing. I then realized the reunion room was filled with people that came of age in 1971, an even though we can't stop change, we have embraced it. The people there were unique, creative and interesting. I would love to see you all again. Go 50th.

Thank you all.

Gerry Vance

Footnote: At our age, we can get a lifetime pass to the National Parks for $10.00. That's a deal.


12/07/19 09:00 AM #31    

Susan Heagerty

Good Morning!

Does anyone know how to get a hold of Bob Porter?

08/22/20 11:56 AM #32    

Elizabeth Burness (Mitchell)

Dear Classmates, 

Today, as yesterday, our air quality in the Salt Lake Valley is “unhealthy.” Not just “unhealthy for sensitive groups” but “unhealthy” because of the smoke blowing in from California fires. Utah has fires too, but the smoke in our valley now is from the west. I think of all those particulates filtering the sun to a pinkish-yellow glow as microscopic bits of great coastal redwood trees in Big Basin and oak trees and grasses from Sonoma and Vacaville, not to mention the homes and structures destroyed. It grieves me. Like you, I keenly feel the loss of these quintessential California landscapes and habitats. I have memories of summer weeks in the Santa Cruz mountains and bike rides in Sonoma County where my parents lived in their later years. These places will recover, some in our lifetimes, some not. And they may not recover as we remember them because of climate change altering all of our landscapes. Writing to you through the “class of ’71” is a way of sharing the grief I feel and letting you know that there are others around the country who feel these losses. 

I wish you all safety and health.

Elizabeth (Betsy) Mitchell (Burness)




08/22/20 06:55 PM #33    

David E. Kazanjian

Yeah - it's pretty grim here in the Golden State right about now and there's not many signs it's going to change anytime soon. Expecting more 'dry lightning' tomorrow night. No bueno. On the one hand: it's natural. These forests have burned for eons, Mother Nature cleaning things up, 'refreshing the woodlands'. The big difference now, of course; we have built into these wildlands and so we are far more vulnerable to loss of property and life. As one of our Classmates once said to me: 'There's a price to pay for the life you lead' and so we pay it. If you live in the Forest - and many of my friends do - you're vulnerable. That's just the way it is. My heart breaks for all the displaced persons, the lost homes and animals, and the devastation, period. But there is no one and nothing to blame. It just is.

BUT! We shall rise again, the fires will burn out, the houses will be rebuilt and life will go on.

That's all there is to it. Better days ahead!

08/23/20 12:13 PM #34    

Dan Rosenbledt

Right on!

08/23/20 12:34 PM #35    

Caren Ramsell (Castelli)

Yes, hopefully the fires will soon burn out.  If its not the COVID its the fires.    We will be able to get through this like Dave mentioned.   Just try to stay safe in the meantime.  In CA - its smokey all around us with ashes blowing in the wind.

04/02/23 08:00 PM #36    

Lorie Elchinoff (Luber)

Thank you Suzi for the very thoughtful Birthday wish! Had a 70 year old bash in Boise. 

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