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John Weller

John Weller

Submitted by Dave Wisnia:

In memory of John Weller 🙏🏼 It is with a heavy heart that I share the sad news of John Weller’s passing. He was surrounded by his loving family as he left for whatever awaits. He fought a valiant battle with cancer. John was able to stay with us, beating the odds with his strength of character & trying his best to protect his loved ones for as long as he could. I know he wasn’t afraid & his faith gave him solace & comfort. I always thought John was wise beyond his years. We had some great times together when we were young & when we got old. His unwavering friendship has always been something I’ve cherished for over 50 years & now that friendship is part of my soul. He walks with Jesus now & John has found peace with God🙏🏼

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12/09/20 10:35 PM #1    

David E. Kazanjian

I am sorry to read this. Peace on your journey John. We'll meet up down the trail.


12/10/20 11:14 AM #2    

Caren Ramsell (Castelli)

My condolences to John's family.  I knew John in High School, he had a great smile and was also friendly to many.   Yes, we all eventually follow tthe path.  God bless you John on your new journey.

12/12/20 02:04 AM #3    

Dan Rosenbledt

John Weller was the smartest and wisest 15 and 16 year old I ever met.

If it weren’t for John, I would have not been enlightened in many areas.

The most notable one was the summer of 1968 making several trips to 

the Haight- Ashbury during the Summer of Love. 

What a beautiful time, during a chaotic period,spent with

such a wonderful person.

12/13/20 12:24 AM #4    

Lynna Hilts

John was my first love. He once observed that we taught each other how to love. John was loving, thoughtful. Introspective, kind and wise. I was fortunate to have benefited from his influence early on. He questioned the status quo and didn't "settle". He saw his commitments through. After High School we were blessed to have explored the significance of our High School relationship and how it changed us both. We parted friends, always. John was patient and gallant; to this day all other men are evaluated by the yardstick of many of his qualities. I have not stopped loving John and I'm glad he knew how important he was in my life. A few years ago we reconnected again. I had texted him. True to form, he turned around and just dialed the phone to actually talk with me. How like John. I am so sad we have lost him. I had hoped he would attend the 50th reunion and could connect one more time. I will miss knowing he is in the world. I have loved him my whole life.


01/08/21 09:28 AM #5    

Randy Stroot

RIP, God bless

01/09/21 05:28 PM #6    

Terri Sullivan (Turner)

Sending prayers to John's family. 
Happy trails until we meet again 🙏🏻

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